Corvus v. 11.0

Release date: 
Thursday, 20. June 2024
English, Czech, German, Polish, Slovak, Italian
Supported versions of the operating system Android: 
7.0 Nougat, 7.1 Nougat, 7.1.1 Nougat, 7.1.2 Nougat, 8.0 Oreo, 8.1 Oreo, 9.0 Pie, 10.0, 11.0, 12.0, 13.0, 14.0
Application to download: 
New feature or improvement: 
The Navigator app now allows you to use OpenStreetMap in addition to Google maps when searching for routes and points of interest, the source of the maps can be selected in settings of application.
The Timetables app now provides transport data for Czech Republic. The country in which you want to use the timetables can be set in application settings.
We implemented the "Přestupuj" service in the Timetables application. It is currently usable in Prague (metro lines and linked connections), and can be accessed on the detailed connection information screens.
In the Timetables app, in addition to searching for connections, it is now also possible to get information about departures and arrivals of connections at a specific stop or station.
You can now reset currently focused field using the context menu item in windows used to search connections or stop/station information.
When searching for connections or stop/station information, in addition to entering the specific name of the stop or station, you can now also select the option of a nearby stops using context menu on from, to and via fields. You will be allowed to choose one of stops around you in the next step. The function uses GPS.
In the Timetables app, it is now also possible to use recently searched data when filling in forms to search for a connection or stop/station information, see the context menu.
When searching for connections in the Timetables app, it is now possible to set a maximum number of changes.
In the window showing the details of the searched connection, or in the list of stations displayed after double tapping route and connection details item, you can now invoke direct to this point function (see context menu on any station name). Once the function is activated, the station will be used as a one-point route in the Navigator application, with navigation automatically started. The function can be used to find out current direction and distance to any station on the route of the connection you are currently travelling in.
It is also possible to send an entire connection to the Navigation via the context menu in the connections list and then use this, for example, to find out the position on the route when travelling.
In the connection details dialogue, it is now possible to call up a search for follow-up connections from any transfer station to the destination station (see context menu).
In the Timetables app, you can now write your own notes for each station. See the context menu on any item showing the name of the station or stop. Notes are saved as .note files in the folder designated for notes.
It is possible to specify in the Timetables application settings, whether the Přestupuj service should be contacted automatically for each result when searching for connections, or whether Corvus will contact it only when requested by the user, by tapping on the relevant item in detailed connection information dialog.
It is now possible to check weather forecast for your current GPS position, see context menu on main screen of Weather application. This function uses GPS.
The main screen of Navigator now contains information about current time and elevation. The elevation is obtained from GPS data, so it can be inaccurate.
It is now possible to filter points of interest around you in Navigator application. Double tap on location item and choose "all points" or one of available categories.
In the Navigator app, you can configure radius to search for waypoints in the surrounding area. There are separate settings for searching all points and for filtered list (we may want to use a smaller radius when searching all points than with a filtered list).
In the Navigator app, you can now set a mode to notify you of the next waypoint while navigating. In addition to the "always" value, you can select "When approaching point" (Corvus will only start notifying once you start approaching a waypoint, see Approach range settings), or "Only change of next point or end of route".
It is now possible to set next point announcement interval in Navigator application. The value is used in conjunction with next point notification mode settings.
It is now possible to configure approaching distance for driving and walking. These values are used in conjunction with next point announcement settings.
In the Navigator app (see tools menu) it is now possible to search for a specific point on the map, most often by entering an address. Search results can be added to favorite points, you can be directed to them and so on.
It is now possible to share particular point or group of points via My Corvus network. See the context menu in relevant Navigator app windows.
Each point stored in groups can be now shared to other Android applications. See context menu in all lists of points.
A new option "Hyper sensitive explore by touch (faster performing of gestures required)" In the screen reader settings, lets you improve touch exploration responsiveness, but all screen reader gestures will then need to be performed slightly faster. It is recommended for more advanced users.
It is now possible to adjust phone call volume in a similar way as other volumes (see settings>sound).
We can now generate intents in Corvus macro. See user's guide for more information.
There is a new toggle in braille settings, to enable large text deletion protection. See documentation for more information.
Corvus now does not let the device to sleep when pronouncing longer message, which is pronounced longer than screen off limit.
Functionality or controll change: 
We now use Nominatim, a service based on OpenStreetMap, for both geo-location and reverse geo-location. This service often produces better results than Google's free service.
It is now possible to share your own notes. When sharing connection information via the My Corvus app. When subsequently importing such a connection, it is also possible to import the shared notes, the user can decide here whether he wants to import all notes, only the newer ones, or do not import notes at all.
It is now possible to quickly open Navigator app from sporting app's context menu, to have them interconnected. 
We now inform about all distances in Navigator in km, only distances shorter than one km are announced in meters.
We do not cache points in phone's memory when using OpenStreetMap to find points of interest in Navigator app.
It is now possible to use 1-double tap gesture to quickly open favorite points list at main screen of Navigator.
It is now possible to block automatic screen off when in Navigator (see application settings).
It is now not necessary to name a route when generating route description using maps. Routes without name are not saved and are used as in-memory routes for one-time navigation.
We do not use reverse geolocation data to describe  from / to field. When finding a route using maps in Navigator with "current position" in one of mentioned fields. We rather use simple "current location" string, which is relative, but not so confusing as previous solution.
We automatically refresh current location information in Navigator, when is "location" item focused.
Favorite points list in Navigator app is now automatically ordered by distance from current position, if we have information about position.
We play a short melody when changing next nearest point in navigation mode, to be sure that user will catch the change also when is Navigator app in the background. The end of navigation (when user reaches last point of route) is also announced by series of beeping in alarm mode. This kind of alarm can be deactivated by activation of Navigator app.
It is now possible to use all standard searching gestures in lists of points in Navigator app.
Standard shortcut to delete items now also works in all lists of points in Navigator app.
In the Locality app, we now display information about the last known location while the real position information is not available (at the time we get the GPS fix). This fact is mentioned in position report, the position may be very imprecise at this time, but it should be sufficient in many situations.
We now use Locality app as position fetcher when necessary, e.g. when checking weather on current position in Weather application, or to get stops around you in transportation app. You can double tap to skip waiting for precise position information and enforce locality app in this mode to pass current, not perfectly accurate or last known location to requesting application. Use this, if you are sure that position announced in this situation is good enough for your usage, or patiently wait until Locality app closes to be sure that location information returned to requesting app is really accurate.
We now inform about company information for nearest address in Locality app and on locality item in navigator if available.
We improved heuristic used to collect textual information about nodes in screen reader to eliminate similar text in text and content description problem.
We now properly use read-only edits to show texts generated by all optical text recognition functions in screen reader.
We do not announce position information in lists in screen reader mode (e.g. when scrolling) if user disabled it in verbosity settings.
It is now possible to use all searching gestures in Corvus Settings application.
Pitch and speed parameters (see settings>speech) of TTS are now adjusted by 1 to let users adjust them more precisely.
Fixed bug: 
Fixed a bug, which caused that there was not proper window title in list of points (Navigator app).
Fixed a bug, which caused that it was not possible to properly set default preferred object for the web in some situations.
Fixed a bug, which caused that Corvus produced a series of unwanted beeps when used select all function to select a group of points in Navigator application.
Fixed a bug, which caused that Corvus lost information about last used timetable when user opened dialog to change it and later decided to cancel selection (Transportation application).
Fixed a bug in Corvus Phone application, which caused that there was bad characters in phone numbers which was shared e.g. from internet browser.
Fixed a group of bugs, which caused instabilities of Corvus with accessibility service disabled.
Fixed a bug in Music player, which caused that we forgot information about last played local track and position in it (resume playback functionality) when player successfully finished playback of any time-limited internet stream, e.g. podcast episode.
Fixed a bug in Corvus editor, which caused that editor was not able to properly recognize internet urls (1-doubletap gesture) with schemes using capital letters, e.g. .
Fixed a bug, which caused that Corvus multiple times played a sequence of beeps used to announce screen reader deactivation when unlocking devices with fingerprint scanner under the display.
Fixed a bug in screen reader, which caused that screen reader was activated by some notifications on notification bar, e.g. by icons announcing usage of microphone, camera,....
Fixed a bug, which caused a crash of application when user changed tone for notifications (see settings>tones) on one particular device.
Fixed a bug, which caused a crash of Corvus  after deletion of space in Navigator.
The dialog to delete group of points in Navigator now uses proper text in title of the window.